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Evaluating and improving the governance of your sport organisation (SIGGS project)

The SIGGS project, developed by the EOC EU Office with 11 partner organisations, provides practical guidance to National Olympic Committees and national sport federations on how to implement the principles of good governance in sport.

SIGGS focuses on 4 main principles:

• Integrity

• Autonomy and Accountability

• Transparency

• Democracy, inclusivity and participation

The SIGGS online self-assessment tool (available here) allows sport organisations to get an overview of their strengths and weaknesses regarding the implementation of these four principles. Then, sport organisations receive a customised Action Plan tailored to their specific situation, with concrete proposals for actions taking into consideration their current level of development.

A separate Roadmap lists all necessary information for an organisation to improve its governance.

Information Booklet SIGGS_FINAL
Download PDF • 958KB


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