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How to build your Public Affairs Strategy? The Public Affairs Guidelines (RINGS project)

How and why should National Olympic Committees (NOCs) do public affairs?

NOCs are often small organisations, where staff resources are stretched and prioritisation of tasks is difficult. Many NOCs therefore ask themselves if they have time at all to engage in public affairs activities, and if so, where to start and how to proceed.

The Public Affairs Guidelines, developed by the consortium of the RINGS project, aim to give NOCs some tools and advice on how to do public affairs in a strategic and focused way.

The first section introduces the concept of public affairs and explains why it is important for an NOC to invest in it.

The second section goes through the main steps on how to do public affairs, e.g., analysis of the situation, definition of objectives, building and maintaining good relations,

Download the Public Affairs Guidelines here:

RINGS Public Affairs Guidelines
Download PDF • 1.35MB


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