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Integrity in sport: setting-up single points of contact within sport organisations (POINTS project)

The POINTS consortium (NOCs, IOC, INTERPOL) had the objective of helping NOCs, European Federations and National Sport Federations to safeguard the integrity of their sport and strengthen their governance.

In order to do so, sport organisations are recommended to appoint a Single Point of Contact for Integrity in Sport (SPOC), ie.:

• An individual with an official position in the organisation (SINGLE)

• A primary intermediary for integrity issues between the organisation, its members and external stakeholders (POINT OF CONTACT)

• Who will deal with all integrity matters including competition manipulation and organisational integrity (FOR SPORT INTEGRITY)

The guidelines for the setting-up of Single Point of Contact for Integrity in Sport aim at describing the environment in which SPOCs evolve, by proposing a common definition of the concept of SPOCs and presenting concrete recommendations to every sport organisation having the willingness to establish a SPOC:

• STEP 1. Define the main objectives of your integrity strategy

• STEP 2. Define the role and responsibilities of the SPOC

• STEP 3. Make an overview of the environment surrounding the SPOC

• STEP 4. Establish an ideal type of profile for your SPOC and identify the right person within or outside the organisation

• STEP 5. Set-up a job description

• STEP 6. Adopt, in concertation with the nominated SPOC, a list of priority actions

• STEP 7. Establish procedures to ensure the independence as well as the control and accountability of the SPOC actions

• STEP 8. Ensure the visibility of the SPOC in and outside the organisation (e.g. OM Unit PMC), towards members and other stakeholders

Read more in the guidelines:

Download PDF • 1.31MB


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