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Handbook on strategic management in sport (RINGS project)

“Change or be changed”: strategic management is needed to keep track with the changes that NOCs have to go through.

The handbook on strategic management in sport was designed to accompany NOCs going through management and structural changes, to adapt to the expectations of their members, and to provide services that answer the demand.

Here is an overview of the content of the handbook:

• The Organisation of the Olympic Sports World

• Strategic Management of Olympic Sport Organisations

• Strategic analysis of NOCs

• Implementation and Change Management

• Controlling

• Crises and Crisis Management

The handbook was written by academics in close cooperation with NOC managers, ensuring that the document is fit-for-purpose for NOCs. It is enriched by best practices from NOCs, case studies, and recommendations.

Check it out and initiate change!

Handbook on Strategic Management for NOCs

(hands-on guide)

RINGS_Handbook on Strategic Management of NOCs
Download PDF • 6.97MB

Guide for Strategic Management and Good Governance

(academic guide)

RINGS_Olympic Sport Organisations in Times of Crisis and Change_Guide for Strategic Manage
Download • 12.48MB


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