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The  Self-evaluation Tool for Good Governance of sport organisations.

Assess your global governance practices.

Get inspired by the best-in-class sport organisations.

This interactive self-assessment tool is free. 

Your data will be treated in full confidentialty and GDPR compliance.

Stakeholders Mapping Tool

Want to evaluate and improve the governance
of your sport organisation?

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Benchmark your sport organisation with your peers across Europe

on 4 principles of Good Governance to enhance your governance with the SIGGS tool.


Get your personal action plan to go to join the best-in-class.




Autonomy and Accountability




Democracy, inclusivity and participation

Image by Gentrit Sylejmani

In Europe,  400 leading sports organisations have already assessed their governance.

It is your turn!

3 steps to see
how you perform on Governance


INTEGRITY - How does your organsation manage conflict of interest?

Level 1: We do not consider conflict of...


Level 2: We have no procedure in place...


Level 3 : Board members and staff ...


Level 4: Formal conflict of interest ...


Level 5: We have an established ...


Answer 40+ questions on the 4 principles of Good Governance.

By completing the SIGGS online self-assessment, your sport organisations (National Olympic Committees, national sport federations and national sport confederations) can get an overview of your strengths and weaknesses regarding the implementation of 4 principles:


1. Integrity

2. Autonomy & Accountability


3. Transparency


4.  Democracy, Participation & Inclusivity.

Visualise your performance in comparison to your peers across Europe.  

Get your spider graph to see your position in comparison to peers on each of the 4 good governance principles.

Discover your customised action plan to improve your governance and join the best-in-class. 



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Et quidem faciunt, ut enim inter mediocrem animadversionem atque in. Et quidem faciunt, ut enim inter mediocrem animadversionem atque in. Et quidem faciunt, ut enim inter mediocrem animadversionem atque in. 

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Personalised RoadMap to improve your Governance

For 3 selected weaknesses, your sport organisations will receive a customised Action Plan tailored to your specific situation.


This Action Plan provides examples and concrete proposals for actions taking into consideration the current level of development.


For each element, a separate Roadmap lists all necessary information for your organisation to improve your governance : good practice examples, templates of documents, key instruments ...

How SIGGS tool
can help your team?

Regular self-assessment:
the idea is to use the tool as an instrument for regular self-assessment of your organisation since good governance is a continuous process.
Since answers are stored automatically, it is easy to consider the answers that were provided during the previous assessment.

One account versus multiple accounts:
the number of accounts for each sport organisation is unlimited. In this regard, the organisation can decide to do an internal consultation beforehand and to put the data into the tool afterwards as the consensual view of the organisation.
Another option is for different representatives of the organisation to do the assessment separately and to consider the different points of view afterwards.

Experience on good governance:
due to different levels in the methodology, the tool is equally of benefit for organisations with profound experience in good governance measures as well as organisations that are at the start of a good governance process.

Any level of professionalisation:
the tool is beneficial for any level of professionalisation ranging from non-professional federations with only volunteers to fully professional federations and NOCs with various paid staff members. 
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Get support to implement good governance in your organisation

The SIGGS booklet explains you how to complete your self-assessment on Integrity; Autonomy and Accountability; Transparency; Democracy, inclusion and participation.

How the SIGGS Self-evaluation tool
was developed.

The SIGGS self-evaluation tool was developed by a consortium of NOCs in the framework of an EU-funded project.  ​The Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport’ (SIGGS)  Project ran from January 2015 until December 2016 and was officially supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme of the European Union. 

The SIGGS Project of the EOC EU Office has officially been selected by the European Commission as a “success story”.


The general objective of the SIGGS project is to promote and support good governance in sport by providing practical guidance to National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and national sport federations (NFs) on how to implement the 4 principles of Good Governance.

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